Order Your 2017 Christmas Booklets
Share Christ
This Christmas!
Share the story of Jesus, the ultimate gift. This 16 page booklet is filled with historical facts, poems, anecdotes and much more to help you to inspire, encourage and share Christ with others. 

We recognize that with your active support the distribution can be much more far-reaching and impact many more people. Accordingly, we're making this booklet available to you for only $1.00 each.
Please take this opportunity to share Christ this Christmas 
with family, friends, work, church, neighbors and all in the
true meaning of Christmas!
A special "thank you" to the 38 businesses that joined together to publish this booklet and contributed to the distribution of over 18,000 copies; please bless them. 
Allow the Holy Spirit to move in someone's life. Order Now. 


Communicate God's message!

America One Nation Under God...

Family, Education, Business, Government

Media, Religion and Entertainment!



Be a Voice of Faith. Get this message out to as many people as possible.


We encourage you to reach out to your church, family, friends, neighbors and politicians. Use e-mail, social media, special delivery or other means at your disposal.


Why are we doing this? To get this very important message out,Vote Biblically, into the hearts and minds of those who can make a difference.





your Vote Biblically Yard Signs


the Christian values upon which it was founded.

In order to accomplish this, we must begin by electing Political Leaders who share our vision. We believe it is the obligation of every Christian to inform themselves as to the meaning of Voting Biblically, to vote accordingly, and to COMMUNICATE this word to others.


Now is not the time to retreat, it is the time to take action.

Let your Christian Voice be heard,
 Put God back in Government!



Use these Yard Signs and Vehicle Decals to speak to your neighbors, passers-by and,
most importantly, POLITICIANS!
There is no more quick or effectIve way to send an unmistakeable message of God and CountryTO THOSE WHO NEED THIS MESSAGE MOST!

Our present major initiative is to unleash the pent-up power of the Christian Vote to determine the direction of legislation and jurisprudence in this country. We believe that much of what is being acted on, from gay marriage to abortion is the result of the godless politicians being elected at every level of government. We use yard signs and vehicle decals to draw attention to and focus thinking on Voting Biblically, thus electing officials who will act to bring God back into the American way of life.